Your body is your temple. THERAPUTIC ART LIFE COACH Your body is your temple. BODY Keep it pure and clean for the soul to reside in.

Therapeutic Art Life Coach Q & A

How long does the session take place?
Individual sessions take 45-50 minutes while groups can take up to 2 hours.

Is this the same as getting therapy?
Even though the program includes psychological theories and principles, it is considered to be a coaching program and it is not the same as therapy. Life coaches are not licensed mental health care providers or therapists and do not provide medical advice, engage in patient diagnosis, or treat mental illness or trauma.

Who benefits the most from this program?
This program fits best for those who are seeking their true identity and look to find it in a creative way such as art. It works well specially for children 10+ up to adults. Art has the ability to bypass the logical, rational areas of the brain to access and shed light on the unconscious.

Do I need to be good at art?
Not really since the therapeutic art coaching is about the process and not the final product. As your coach, I am mainly concerned about how you express yourself through color, lines and shapes to derive personal meaning.

Parsa Peykar

Therapeutic Art Life Coach