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Dr. Stephanie DuPont is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Matrix Lab Biofeedback. Since the company’s inception, her vision has been to bring affordable biofeedback services to the masses through state-of-the-art wearable devices. Her passion, drive, and business acumen have propelled the company to a leadership position in the field of biofeedback. She brings to her role an extensive scientific background, which affords her a comprehensive understanding of the effective use of cutting-edge guided neuro technology, which is based on decades of exhaustive and rigorous research. Clients range from individuals suffering from autism or ADHD to athletes and business executives who are striving for optimal peak performance.

Dr. DuPont also serves as the head Neuro Coach, providing oversight, direction, and instruction to her professional staff. In this capacity, she additionally performs team training and also sets aside time each month to personally work with a select number of clients one-on-one.

Dr. DuPont began her career providing social and psychological services, as well as mental health resources, for domestic violence victims and at-risk youth. During her clinical internship, she provided forensic neuropsychological assessment and psychotherapy for individuals referred by the Los Angeles Criminal Court. Later, at Los Angeles Metropolitan Hospital, she worked with counselors, social workers, and physicians to coordinate care for psychiatric patients, which included coordinating group therapy sessions. She then spent 18 years at the Biofeedback Institute of Los Angeles, rising to Clinical Director in 2017.

At the Institute, she initially provided psychotherapy and neuropsychological assessments for treatment planning, along with wellness support through behavioral coaching. She collaborated with laboratory staff to create innovative biofeedback-based solutions, and as Clinical Director, she was responsible for daily operations, budgeting, and growth strategies for the organization.

Dr. DuPont earned her bachelor’s degree in Communication from the University of Southern California. She then enrolled at California State University, where she earned two master’s degrees, one in Clinical Psychology, and the other in Family Studies (with a focus on Human Development). Dr. DuPont capped her distinguished educational career with a doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Ryokan College.

Dr. DuPont lives in southern California, speaks conversational Spanish, and is an avid practitioner of yoga.

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Stephanie DuPont

Biofeedback Specialist

My Message To You

My true love, and my life’s mission, is helping people find peace, wellness, and happiness in their lives. It’s been a long journey to where I am today, but the challenges I faced and the struggles I overcame have made me stronger, more resilient, and better able to truly understand the human psyche.

My initial interest in psychology sprang from a difficult upbringing. My parents divorced when I was only four years old, my mother then left, and my father was left raising me on his own. Despite his best efforts, he did not provide much emotional support, and as you can imagine, this affected me on a very deep level.

Later in life, as my educational career progressed, I began performing in-depth research in the field of psychology. Perhaps in an effort to slay my demons, my PhD dissertation was related to my bond with my own child. During my doctorate program, I developed a thorough understanding of the scientific method and a strong foundation in the practice of research. My plan at the time was to pursue a career in academia, but I transitioned once I encountered the interdisciplinary field of psychophysiology. It was in this area that I found my true calling.

I learned all aspects of biofeedback and developed a specialization in NIR infrared neurofeedback at the Biofeedback Institute of Los Angeles (BILA). I was truly fortunate to receive training by a special individual who would eventually become my mentor, Dr. Hershel Toomim – neuroscientist, innovator, and a true giant in the field of psychophysiology. Looking back, I feel that Dr. Toomin and BILA made me who I am today. They taught me just about everything I know, but more importantly, they provided a place to practice being human; I was ultimately able to up-level my emotional intelligence. Hershel gave me the reins, and if I would stumble and fall, he was always there helping me get back up.

Matrix is the culmination of a life’s work dedicated to wellness. While the business model that I developed isn’t particularly popular with my peers, I feel a strong need to provide an affordable solution that’s accessible to everyone. It’s simply the right thing to do.

I overcame many obstacles in my life, and am now a role model to so many, which creates a profound and deep sense of purpose and meaning to my life. I look forward to meeting you, working with you, and taking you on an extraordinary journey to cognitive and emotional fulfillment.