Herbal Parasite Cleanse


Support The Mountain is designed to eliminate parasites from the body.
This formula will cleanse the GI tract from every parasites safely and efficiently.

Anyone who has pets will benefit from it.

The Paradisal Formula contains two different types of wormwood, artemisia annuae and artemisia absynthium, plus powdered cloves (to kill the eggs) and additional parasite herbs to target both the large and small intestinal tracts.

It also contains powdered cloves to kill parasite eggs. If you do not kill the parasite eggs, you will have a full colony of parasites within several months of a cleanse.

The herbs are 100% organic and placed in 100% vegetarian capsules.

For information and guidance about dosage and use, contact Dr. Ross at: dr.behikeesh@shafaacenter.com

1 bottle (150 capsules) – $40.00

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