Patient Billing and Insurance

1- Do we have to pay for services up front and why ?

All services are due and payable at the time of services, regardless of whether or not your insurance benefits have been received unless other arrangements have been made in writing. The Shafaa Center is a low volume office. We do not double book patients. Your booked appointment is reserved in advance for you so your personal physician can focus on your comprehensive care.

2- What if i cannot make for my appointment ?

Please understand your appointment time is reserved especially for you. We recognize there may be occasions when you need to change or cancel an appointment. If you need to change or cancel your appointment for any reason, please inform us 24 hours in advance of the appointment. We reserve the right to charge a fee for “no show/ late cancellation” according to your Insurance plan or If there is no fee listed under your plan, you will be charged $45.

3- What if I show up late?

For any reason, If patient show up late for the appointment, practitioner may do short treatment based on the remaining time or reschedule the treatment for another time. We reserve the right to charge the full amount of your scheduled visit.

4- How can I pay for my services ?

At Shafaa center, Some providers may accept insurance and some may not.

For providers who accept insurance , You authorized payment directly to the provider of any group insurance benefits otherwise payable to you. You understand that you are financially responsible for all charges whether or not paid by the insurance.

For providers who do not directly bill insurance for their services , You are responsible for all fees at the time of services. After payment is made to our office, As a courtesy to you, we will, upon your request, provide you with a completed Health Insurance Claim form for you to submit to your insurance company. You will be reimbursed dependent upon your individual insurance plan. Please contact your insurance company for information on your coverage for “out of network” providers.

5- What other options do I have as far as payment plan?

We are here to assist you in anyway possible. Our goal is to ensure that you have an outstanding Experience.

We accept all major Credit Cards (MC/ VISA / AMEX / Discover), Checks, Cash, and Affordable Third-Party Financing options (In- House, CareCredit, Springstone, Lending Club, Citi Health, etc) which offer zero to low interest loans .

If you need to make payment arrangements, or have questions regarding your eligibility and benefits within our office, please don’t hesitate to call our office at 323-879-9889, or via email at

6- What happen if I can not make my payment ?

In case of outstanding balance, a bill will be sent to the patient requesting payment due upon receipt. After 30 days, a 5% interest fee will be added to any unpaid balances. If the balance is not paid in a timely manner, we reserve the right to use a collection agency that may report to all credit bureaus. All charges incurred due to collection procedures are the account holder’s responsibility.

7- What if my check returned ?

There is a service charge of $35 for every returned check.

8- What is the rule for Botanical (Herbal) Medicine ?

Payment is required for all Herbal Prescriptions/ Refilled at the time of service. A restocking fee of $5 per bottle/bag will be charged for unopened, non personalized Herbal Formulas. Personalized and opened Herbal Formulas NOT Refundable / NOT Returnable.