Parsa Peykar has a master’s degree in clinical psychology from Pepperdine University. He developed his passion in helping people emotionally and spiritually while volunteering times at Twin Tower Jail in Los Angeles for two and a half years. By meeting with more than 300 inmates, he developed a program to heal, inspire and empower inmates through art therapy, coaching and talent development. He later developed a non-profit called Freedom in the Cage to give inmates a life of purpose behind and beyond the bars. Inspired by his work at the jail, Parsa wrote a book in English called The Bird from the Kingdom of Heaven with the partnership of two inmates which was recently translated and published in Iran. Through his experience of visiting inmates, he realized the power of art in healing and ways that art can provide people a safe, creative space to explore their emotions and feelings.

Parsa’s belief is that every human being is a treasure, in a need of discovery. His work is mostly combining counseling and coaching to help clients heal from their past, live peacefully in present moment while having a clear vision for their future. Parsa also teaches part time at the Pepperdine Graduate School of Psychology and is the co-founder of PeppPray, a platform that provides emotional, psychological, and spiritual support to students from different backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs at Pepperdine University.

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Parsa Peykar

Therapeutic Art Life Coach