• I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Ross for acupuncture.  After losing my partner to cancer, I was suffering emotionally, and nothing seemed to help.  Dr. Ross is not only professional, he is kind and gentle. The acupuncture treatments helped to restore my sense of balance and I am now able to better deal with the process of grief and healing


  • "Dr. Ross made me a believer when it comes to the healing power of Acupuncture. What he did to relieve my pain from a serious sports injury is nothing short of a miracle. He is simply the best!"


  • My healing session with Dr Behikeesh truly changed my life. He not only have ability to listen and understand, but he also taught me how to be part of the process of healing. Not only I felt incredibly strong and empowered after the session, but he gave the tools to keep working on my own, tools that I will use for the rest of my life. I have no words to describe his sensibility, kindness and intelligence. I’m looking forward to keeping working with him.

    Nancy F

  • He practices with a high level of focus and knowledge in his field and extends a warm and sincere sense of professionalism to his patients. I have the highest level of confidence and assurance of Dr. Behikeesh ability to work in the specialized areas of pain relief.

    Kelly S

  • Dr. Behikeesh is a kind, caring individual who I can tell is deeply invested in helping me maintain my health and well-being.  I appreciate his extensive knowledge and my questions, no matter how complex, never go unanswered.  With his care and guidance i get pain free and was able to go back to my regular life.

    Sasan M

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