What does integrative nutrition means?

The practice of integrative nutrition takes a holistic approach to wellness recognizing the foundation for optimal health and healing begins with a health- promoting diet.

What is an integrative nutrition health coach?

An integrative Nutrition Health Coach is a supportive mentor and wellness authority who helps clients feel their best through food & lifestyle changes by tailoring individualized wellness programs to meet their clients’ needs.

What is integrative nutrition plan?

No one nutrition plan fits every client. Each individual has his or her own emotional, physical, and nutritional needs that must be addressed when developing a nutrition plan.

Clients may have many issues in common, but each will have different needs and goals, and the path to achieving those goals will differ for each individual.

The doctor will conduct an initial assessment that includes taking a thorough medical history and evaluating the client’s medications, including those sold over the counter and any supplements. The client will be asked about current and past food habits, lifestyle patterns involving food, work, and play; the emotional component of the client’s relationship with food (whether it’s “eat to live” or “live to eat”), support systems and family dynamics, and whether the client has any food or medication allergies. Evidence-based treatments, vitamin and mineral supplements herbs and anti-inflammatory diet will all be taken into consideration.

What is Evidence-Based Treatments?

The use of evidence-based treatments has become a more precise way to diagnose, assess, and treat health conditions. Many conditions can benefit from an evidence-based nutrition approach. These include pain management, gastrointestinal issues and autoimmune diseases. Two of the more common ailments that may benefit from an evidence-based nutrition approach are migraine headaches and depression.

Ross Behikeesh