DENTIST – Periodontist

Dr. Partovi has been practicing periodontics since 2003. She graduated from UCLA dental school in 1999 and got specialized in periodontics from St. Louis university in 2006.

Dr. partovi has a holistic approach to dentistry which means she uses natural remedies as much as possible to bring back the health of the gums and teeth. she has an exceptional way to relate and understand her patients needs and thrives to achieve the health of the mouth considering those needs and different factors such as overall health, age etc.

Dr. Partovi has a kind and humble personality and treats her patients with much care and compassion. She puts her patient ar ease while providing dental treatments.

Dr. Partovi sure acupuncture and hypnosis to bring dental anxiety level down and reduce pain.
She has the ability to provide dental treatments to each person not only based on the condition of the gum and teeth but also considers individuals psychological and emotional well being.
She is a member of American academy of periodontology and American dental association.

Dr. Partovi has two Children and enjoys nature, yoga and meditation.

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Dr. Ellie Partovi


Dr. Partovi is a kind, caring individual who I can tell is deeply invested in helping me maintain my health and well-being. I appreciate her extensive knowledge and my questions, no matter how complex, never go unanswered.

Sasun M